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28 October, 2014

Green tomato and lentil curry or ‘masial’

Green tomato and lentil curry or ‘masial’
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  While everyone is posting dishes with pumpkins at this time of the year, I have a different fruit that is taking up too much space on my kitchen counter. Yes, with the arrival of Mr. Jack Frost, I had to pluck all the tomatoes while they were green. Time for recipes with the sour
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25 August, 2014

Homemade tomato thokku – A south-Indian spicy chutney with versatile uses

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When a garden offers some  juicy red tomatoes, it is not surprising that a “thokku” pickle/chutney idea occurs to a girl, esp. with a south-Indian upbringing like me! This is a traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India. In the days when the refrigerator was not known, this dish was made with
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