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6 September, 2017

Book Review- Love Thy Legumes by Sonali Suratkar

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If you read this blog regularly, you would know that I very occasionally post a book review. I do browse a lot of cookbooks and nutrition related books in the library, especially new ones. When a book makes a deep impression on me, I share about it.

It is rare to find a cookbook that has a lot of nutrition information, and most books on nutrition do not carry too many recipes.

LOVE THY LEGUMES is an educational cookbook by Public Health Nutritionist, Sonali Suratkar. This self-published book celebrates legumes for long-term good health (diabetes and high-blood pressure prevention, weight-loss, etc.) while helping readers understand healthy cooking techniques, simple food pairing ideas to balance one’s meals and learn to plan balanced menus for your family. 

Sonali is a nutritionist trained at Johns Hopkins University. She posts super healthy and easy to prepare dishes over at Quickly Delicious. I am deeply honored to be reviewing this outstanding book of hers!

The book was featured by Meatless Monday in their August Book Round-uphttps://goo.gl/WKQrxd

Legumes (including beans) are often overlooked by most people but they are a powerhouse of nutrition and a book dedicated to this topic is much needed at this time.  Most people think of beans as a gas-producing source of protein that may be hard to digest, and this actually dissuades one from consuming them on a regular basis.

Educational Content:

As a certified nutritionist, the author has poured her knowledge into this book, and explained in very simple language how to make sense of the various components of food- the carbs, fat, protein, fiber. With easy to understand illustrations and charts, she convincingly tells us why including a variety of legumes in our everyday meals is important.


The book offers

  • an introduction to Indian spices,
  • steps to make cooking easy with a pressure cooker,
  • guide to fermentation,
  • germination,
  • tips for balancing meals… the content is very neatly laid out with a summary at the end of each chapter.

What about the recipes?

From Curries and Stews, to Stir-Fries and Quick Snacks, to mouth-watering bean-flour based Desserts, and Chutneys, you will find recipes that are not just from different parts of India but you will also find international cuisines such as a French Soup and a Mexican Salad Bowl.

There are close to a HUNDRED DELICIOUS RECIPES! The pictures are so mouthwatering, that you would be so tempted to make each one of them.

I personally could not choose at first which recipe to try. They ALL LOOK FANTASTIC and EASY!

I chose to make the black bean curry, since I had not tried cooking with those before. I was super impressed by the ease of the recipe and how delicious it turned out. It has now become a favorite in our family!

Why I Highly Recommend This Book

The book really empowers any person, whether they are a novice or pro at cooking, an omnivore , vegetarian or vegan, to plan cook delicious as well as nutritious meals.

Buy this for yourself or gift it to someone dear to you. A great inspiration toward healthy eating!

Paperback format ($40) is available in the US, Canada, and Europe, and the Kindle format ($9.99) is available worldwide including India, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Australia, etc.

Download the free Kindle app for any device (PC, Mac, tablet, or phone) and start reading!

Amazon US: https://goo.gl/CMqRbt

Amazon Canada: https://goo.gl/w3zZ2B

Amazon France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourghttps://goo.gl/KNjHtb

Amazon Italy: https://goo.gl/nH4A9s

Amazon Spain, Andorrahttps://goo.gl/GjVnGD

Amazon Germany: https://goo.gl/AwSKU1

Amazon India: https://goo.gl/ISWe5S

Special discount of $10 off on paperback for EatingWellDiary followers,  exclusively on Sonali’s E-Store. Payments are secured by Createspace, an Amazon Company.

Follow the steps given below: 

  • Visit:  https://www.createspace.com/6713182
  • Enter password LTL to access the book
  • Add to cart and create an account
  • Apply the discount code NTMVTG4 and check out.
  • Book is on its way.
  • Enjoy the recipes as you learn about nutrition and balancing meals and feel healthy!  
  • And, don’t forget to write a review on Amazon.



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