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17 January, 2014

whole wheat walnut ‘n’ spice coffee cake

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Coffee cake, I used to think about 7 years ago, is just a cake containing coffee. As defined by Wikipedia, it is usually a single-layered cake with crumb topping served with coffee.

Here is a cake that was inspired by my husband many years ago and modified over many trials to make it healthy and delicious. This recipe uses whole form of sweeteners- maple syrup and raw sugar; combined with whole wheat, it will not lead to a spike in blood sugar that a regular cake would inevitably do.

Guests will always ask for more when they have this!

Preparation time: 20 minutes for mixing and about 1 hour to bake. Makes about 12 servings.


for cake:

whole wheat pastry flour- 3 1/2 cup (regular whole wheat flour works well too)

baking powder- 1 tbsp.

baking soda- 1 tsp.

salt- 1 tsp.

cinnamon powder- 1 tsp.

nutmeg powder- 1 tsp.

canola oil- 1/4 cup

yogurt- 1/3 cup

maple syrup- 1 cup

milk- 1 1/2 cup

vanilla- 1 tsp.

for walnut topping:

whole wheat pastry flour- 2 tbsp.

raw sugar- 3 tbsp.

canola oil- 2 tsp.

walnut pieces- 1/2 cup


* Pre-heat oven to 350 °F. Mix wet ingredients in a bowl.

* Combine dry ingredients in another bowl.

* Slowly the dry mixture to the wet without forming lumps.

* Grease a baking tray with oil and transfer the batter into it evenly.



* Make the topping by combining dry ingredients and slowly adding oil in drops to bring it together. Drizzle the topping on the cake batter.



* Bake at 350 °F for about an hour or till a clean knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

* Allow to cool completely before making serving-size pieces.


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