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15 November, 2013

Vegan whole wheat beet-chocolate cake

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I have always wanted to try using beets in a cake like the way carrots are used. But beets need some cooking to remove the earthy taste, unlike carrots which are nice to consume in raw form. I decided to cook the beets on the stove and make a puree. Turns out it goes well with cocoa powder. So, here’s a recipe for a really healthy and moist chocolate cake that you just cannot feel guilty about eating!

One word about cooking beets: The right way to cook them (f you get organic beets, that is) is to cook with the skin in a little bit of water in a closed pot.  This ensures all the nutrients just under the skin are extracted. Peeling the beets later is very easy to do.


whole wheat pastry flour- 1 1/2 cup

unsweetened cocoa powder- 1/2 cup

raw sugar- 3/4 cup

baking powder- 1 tsp.

baking soda- 1 tsp.

pureed beets (thick paste)- 1 cup

orange juice- 1/2 cup

canola oil- 1/2 cup

vanilla extract- 1 tsp.


* Cook washed beets till tender and peel.


* Puree the beets in a blender.

* Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the beet puree, oil and orange juice and vanilla extract to get a batter like this:


* Transfer into a greased 9″ round pan

* Bake in a preheated oven at 350 F for 35-40 minutes.


This was an instant hit with the kids. And nobody guessed that there were beets in it, that’s the best part!

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