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3 March, 2017

Homemade Whipped Body Butter/ Lotion

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Ok, I know I’ve taken a very long break from blogging. It was time to give it some love!

I have been making new things in the kitchen, but just have not taken the time to document them, take pictures and create a new post. 

Lots of fun-filled DIY projects. Yes, it is a great feeling when you make things yourself and know exactly what goes into them. Like this body lotion. I just had to document this here, it is so exciting!


It is so cool to see the liquid mixture turn into a smooth and creamy lotion when it is whipped. A beautiful experience.


I mixed in some therapeutic essential oils that increases the “face” “skin” value of this lotion. 🙂 Both lavender and frankinscence are good for the skin and lavender also has a calming effect. Not to mention the lotion smells fantastic!

Whipped Body Butter/ Lotion

  • Servings: about six 4 oz jars
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: medium
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Unrefined shea butter- 1 1/2 cup (I get mine here)

Cacao butter- 1/2 cup ( I get mine here)

coconut oil- 1 cup

organic extra virgin olive oil- 1 cup (I get mine here)

lavender essential oil- 20 drops (I get my essential oils here)

frankinscence essential oil- 10 drops


1. Grate or cut cacao butter into small pieces.

2. Melt shea butter, cacao butter using the double boiler method. I just dumped the butters in a small steel vessel and placed it in a hot water bath on the stove

 3. Measure out melted coconut oil and olive oil, pour them in the mixture

4. Once combined, take off heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

5. Add essential oils and transfer to a big bowl or use the bowl of a stand mixer

6. Store in the fridge till it begins to harden. Mine took about 2 hours

7. Whip the semi solid mixture on medium speed till fluffy

8. Carefully transfer with a ladle into desired glass jars and store for a long time.


Useful Tip:

I found this by experimentation: Even if the liquid does not solidify after refrigeration, mixing in a tsp. of melted shea butter will help with the process. This is similar to a technique used by chemists to speed up crystallization.

Sharing this at Fiesta Friday #161, at Angie’s, where I have been missing the party for many weeks. So glad to be back there! A big thanks to Laura @ Fiest Wisely for co-hosting! Also sharing at Healthy Vegan Friday #141.


6 thoughts on : Homemade Whipped Body Butter/ Lotion

  • Laura
    March 4, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing your lotion recipe at this week’s Fiesta Friday – it’s fantastic to show how you can make body lotion at home and avoid all of the nasties in many store bought products!

    • apsara
      March 6, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      Thank you, Laura. Yes, making this at home was truly satisfying for me. Thanks for hosting FF this week!

  • March 5, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Oh what a fun DIY project. I really love using body butter, but it can get expensive. It’s so much more economical (and more environmentally friendly!) to make your own. I look forward to trying this out =)
    Thank you so much for sharing this at Healthy Vegan Fridays! I’m pinning & sharing. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • apsara
      March 6, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks Kimmy. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed making and as you said, it is economical too. Makes a great gift as well. Thanks for the opportunity to link up at HVF!

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