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10 April, 2014

Gluten-free and guilt-free cashew brownies

Gluten-free and guilt-free cashew brownies
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  The first flowers bloomed in my garden! I could not resist plucking a few to go with these brownies (I’m sorry, bees!) I’m taking these sweet treats to The Novice Gardener’s Fiesta Friday party, come join us there! Ah, yet another brownie recipe, you say. But look closely, this one has no egg, no
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22 December, 2013

Vegan maple, wheat and nut Spritz cookies

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I’m on a roll making new kinds of Spritz cookies! I discovered a very easy way of making a no sugar, whole wheat cookie with your favorite nut powder. I’ve tried this with finely powdered cashews, almonds and pistachios. They all work well, but my favorite is a combination of cashew and pistachios. The pistachios
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18 December, 2013

gluten free maple millet press cookies

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A yummy eggless, gluten free spritz cookie that uses only five whole food ingredients and can be made in a jiffy! I am so thrilled about this. Preparation time: 5 minutes to mix and 13 minutes to bake. Makes about 22 cookies. Ingredients: Ragitone- 1/2 cup (see this post, may use  finely ground finger millet
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