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2 November, 2013

green juice recipe-1

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Not so long ago, I purchased an Omega juicer to make green juice. In the next few posts I will talk about my juicing journey, why I started and how I chose my juicer.

When I shop for greens for juicing, I pick up what I can find easily in the organic aisle, whatever is in season. Usually it is celery, lettuce, chard (Rainbow, Swiss), parsley, cilantro, carrot. I also get others that are not organically grown- cucumber, ginger, lime etc. And what would fit in my budget and my fridge for the week’s grocery! I do not deny that getting these is expensive, but it is made up somewhat by not buying many other processed foods.

Here’s a green juice recipe:


celery stalks- 4-5

Romaine lettuce- 1 bunch

big carrot- 1

dandelion – a few leaves

beet greens- 2-3

cucumber- 1/2 peeled

ginger root– small bit

large lime- 1


Wash all the above and run through the juicer, except for the lime. Squeeze the lime, and you have a delicious drink.


Here’s the fiber that I use in other recipes or just compost.



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