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12 December, 2013

green juice recipe-3 (mint and parsley)

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Green juice gets richer when it is darker and parsley is a great way to add to the dark green color. It’s nutrition benefits can be found here.

It has to be added in moderation though, since it has a very strong flavor. One way to mitigate the strong flavor is to use it in combination with mint. I added red chard to the mix, further deepening the color.

As always, I added a generous amount of fresh lime to make it more palatable. Yummy!

Here’s what I used (all organic):

Romaine lettuce- a bunch

celery stalks- 5

mint- a handful, only leaves

parsley- a small bunch

red chard- 4 leaves with stalk

carrot- 1

large lime- 1 and 1/2



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