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14 December, 2013

Using finger millet (ragi) flour for baking

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Finger millet is one of those ancient grains that has gained recent popularity for its health benefits. It has very high calcium and and potassium content among other millets and grains.

In countries outside India you would find it in most Indian stores. Some health food stores carry the Bob’s Red Mill brand. The Indian brands that I have tried usually have a brown color and a coarse texture.  In order to use it for baking purposes, I would recommend that you grind it in a coffee bean grinder along with a pinch of cardamom powder. It is best to store the packet in the freezer, since it goes rancid easily.

In India, the product that I would recommend is Ragitone, produced by Jeevan Foods in Tamil Nadu. It is available in Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu. It has a very soft texture and makes flavorful baked foods. I recently got a couple of packs of these on my trip to India to make porridge (‘kanji’) for my toddler, but now he has stopped consuming that. So it now goes into my cookie recipes and he loves those!


Here is more information if you are in India and would like to obtain it in your city:




I also came across this nice article by chefinyou to make your own sprouted ragi flour. Once my stock of Ragitone is used up, I am sure to try it out!

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