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18 May, 2016

15 Ways to Eat Better For Healthy Living- Guest Post by Katleen Brown

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  • Here is the first guest post in my blog!!!
    I have been wanting to invite bloggers to write a guest post in my space for a some time now. Any article related to food (healthy, gluten free and vegetarian) or healthy living are welcome! Please contact me to publish your guest post.
    So, when Katleen reached out to me I was more than happy to post her article here. Katleen blogs at Arthritis Pain Guide. I know, what a focused title for a blog, right? There is a lot of good information in there, do check it out!

    Meet Katleen!

    girl eating
    Katleen Brown is a health, beauty and fitness writer. She loves to publish her articles on
    various health related websites. Look at these awesome articles. I was blown away by the content!
    In her spare time, she likes to do research to bring awareness. (Just like me!)
    Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and outlook, she helps empower women to tune into
    their innate & inner wisdom to transform their health and truly flourish. Get in touch with her
    So here is her article, with some very practical tips:

    15 Easy ways to eat better for healthy living

    The concept of healthy living is a matter of interest for more and more people. As we become
    more reliant on technology and we immerse ourselves in a multitude of difficulties, eating
    better seems to have become a genuine challenge. In an effort to come to your rescue, we
    have gathered 15 easy ways to eat better for healthy living. Enjoy your read and do not
    hesitate to share this article with your friends and family members.
    #1 More fruits and vegetables
    Even though it might sound like the obvious thing to do, you need to eat more fresh fruits and
    veggies. Always remember the food pyramid and make an effort to have a piece of fruit and
    at least one vegetable with each meal. Go for the ones that are in season, as these are also the
    one that are the freshest.
    #2 Watch out for liquid calories
    A single glass of soda has no less than six teaspoons of sugar. This is actually a caloric bomb,
    causing your blood sugar to skyrocket. The same goes for fruit smoothies, as these are packed
    with calories as well. Stick with water and make sure that you drink at least eight glasses per
    #3  Superfoods
    Superfoods can make all the difference in the world, boosting your immune system and
    protecting you against various forms of cancer. According to a specialized joint health
    magazine, they can also reduce inflammation, thus protecting the joints from chronic disease.
    Recommended superfoods include blueberries, broccoli and wild salmon.
    #4 Fiber
    By increasing your daily fiber intake, you will actually obtain the satiety sensation in a
    shorter period of time. Moreover, by consuming the recommended amount of fiber each day,
    you are actually protecting your GI tract against cancer.
    #5 Natural food
    It might sound like something strange to say but, given the fact that we live in the world of
    over-processed food, finding something natural to eat is a challenge. Always strive to eat food
    that has not been processed, coming from earth and not from a factory.
    #6 Sodium content
    While frozen meals might be a choice for a busy person, this does not mean that they are
    healthy as well. According to Glozine health news, these meals have an incredibly high
    sodium content, increasing the risk of high blood pressure. Give them up for your own good.
    #7 No sweets as snacks
    If you are going to have a snack, then you at least need to make sure it is healthy. You can
    prepare a delicious snack out of carrot or celery sticks; as an alternative, you can consume a
    piece of fruits. Avoid donuts, chocolate bars and other snacks that might seem enticing but
    they will actually wreak havoc on your health.
    #8 Plate size
    If you are looking to cut back, all you have to do is use a smaller plate. In this way, it will
    seem like you have a lot to eat, even though your quantity of food is actually reduced.
    #9 Monounsaturated fats
    Not all fats are harmful for you and, according to specialists in the field, monounsaturated
    fats are quite beneficial. These fats are found not only in extra-virgin olive oil but also in
    walnuts and avocados. They can lower the level of bad cholesterol, while increasing HDL
    (the good cholesterol).
    #10 Sweet tooth
    If you feel the need for something sweet, go with a piece of fruit. This is a simple way to
    satisfy your sweet tooth, without actually eating generous amount of refined products (cake
    and other sweets). However, watch out for the quantity of fruits you are eating, as these are
    rich in sugar as well.
    #11 Meal schedule
    The three-meal schedule is a perfect idea, as it will help keep your blood sugar at a stable
    level and reduce the risk of unhealthy cravings. You can also have two snacks in-between the
    meals, as long as these are healthy.
    #12 Multivitamin supplements
    Multivitamin supplements can boost your overall health, correcting any nutritional
    deficiencies you might experience. However, before taking any supplement, get yourself a
    complete blood panel (see the exact deficiencies, if any).
    #13 Size matters
    Not only does the size of the plate count but also the food that is on it. For anything that
    includes carbs, do not place more than a fist (size wise). Proteins, such as meat, can represent
    the size of two palms. Fruits should occupy the size of a tennis ball, while veggies the size of
    a fist as well.
    #14 Meal planning
    If you will plan your meals ahead, you will actually eat healthier. Take your time to consider
    the entire week, shopping for the ingredients you need. Once you have your meals planned, it
    will be easier to eat healthy food and avoid junk or fast food.
    #15 Eat slowly
    No matter how hungry you might appear to be, you have to pace yourself. Allow yourself the
    luxury to chew your food properly and try sipping water between bites (this will facilitate
    These are a few simple ways to eat better and enjoy healthy living. Always remember that we
    eat to live and not the other way around. Stay healthy and follow our advice for a good state
    of health.

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