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14 November, 2013

whole wheat apricot, carrot and orange cake

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Dried apricots are not as tasty as many other dried fruits and it is best to include it in something sweet to obtain the full benefits of the vitamin A it contains. This is a delicious whole wheat cake with the added flavor of carrots. Vegans may substitute soy yogurt for regular yogurt. Preparation time:
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13 November, 2013

cappuccino pudding cake

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I made a very easy pudding cake with recipe from this web page http://recipes.rodale.com/Recipe/cappuccino-pudding-cake.aspx with a few changes. Reduced the amount of instant coffee and sugar since I’m not a coffee drinker and I made it mainly for the kids. Did not want them to get hyperactive with too much caffeine! Ingredients: For the cake
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