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7 April, 2016

Las Vegas Is Hosting VegFest This Month!

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What is VegFest?

VegFests are community festivals for celebrating the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and welcoming all people to learn more about it. 
These festivals are happening in major cities across the world as individuals and groups become increasingly aware of the positive environmental impact and health benefits of a vegan diet.

It is at Vegas this week. Do check it out if you can!

On April 9, Las Vegas will be holding its first-ever Vegas Vegfest. As the event’s name suggests, it will be a place where people can meet like minded individuals who follow the vegan diet as well as watch chefs perform demos on how to cook nutritious meals using vegan-friendly ingredients.

The entire event will be a family-friendly affair where kids can enjoy participating in activities that are made just for them. There will also be talks by leading culinary figures as well as fitness experts so vegans can effectively integrate a healthier lifestyle through exercise with their diet.

Here are some of the speakers that will grace the Vegas Vegfest this year:

Paul Shapiro of the Farm Animal Protection and Humane Society of the United States,

Carrie LeBlanc of Compassion Works International,

Shane and Ashley Diana of Grassroots, and

Matt and Phil Letten of the Vegan Bros.

Vegas Vegfest will be held at the Clark County Amphitheater. It is a huge venue, so attendees can expect hundreds of exhibitors and restaurants at the event. There will also be live music throughout the event so there will never be a dull moment during Vegas Vegfest.

Visitors who are flying in to Vegas are encouraged to make a reservation at Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas since it is the nearest venue to the Clark County Amphitheater.

Las Vegas has been beefing up its varied tourist attractions lately because of the fact that online bingo and casino gaming are slowly beginning to command a bigger chunk of the gaming industry. With lots of perks that land-based casinos aren’t offering such as free bingo credits, referral promos, and special offer nights
Las Vegas needed to expand its services in order to drive traffic back into the city. Comic cons, technology events, and food shows such as Vegas Vegfest are keeping Sin City on its feet, and have now become important assets that keep the city’s economy thriving.

For more information about the event and to see an updated list of the exhibitors and speakers, you may visit the Vegas Vegfest official website

This is a guest post by John James for eatingwelldiary.com.

Image credit: Pixabay.com 

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2 thoughts on : Las Vegas Is Hosting VegFest This Month!

  • April 7, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    Vegfest sounds fun and delicious!

    • apsara
      April 8, 2016 at 11:40 am

      It sure does, Salma! Wish I could be there. I need to wait for it to be held closer to where I live.

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